Mobility Training Program

Specialized one-on-one 5 step Mobility Training Program for developmental disabilities
TLC’s Mobility Training (MT) is a short-term, intensive instruction program designed to teach individuals with documented developmental disabilities how to safely use public transportation. We use a proven one-on-one training program built on following five steps to independence. Clients learn travel skills while following a particular route, generally to school or a worksite, and are taught the safest, most direct route. The MT program can be tailored to meet individual clients’ needs. It not only enables clients to travel to school or work safely, but also increases their independence, self-esteem, and self-reliance. TLC’s MT program works closely in collaboration with our clients, their families, and the San Diego Regional Center.
TLC Social Services are available to clients of the San Diego Regional Center, who are deemed appropriate candidates by the San Diego Regional Center.

Mobility Training is designed to support clients with developmental disabilites such as:  
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism
  • Epilepsy
  • Other developmental disabilities (Contact San Diego Regional Center for eligibility)

The actual mobility training program will vary according to the nature of the client’s disability or needs. TLC will assess the client’s disability/needs and design an appropriate travel training curriculum for him or her.
TLC’s Focus
Training and instruction include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Planning routes with smart devices
  • Increase knowledge of street safety & traffic laws
  • Initiate actions for unexpected situations
  • Decision making, in emergencies
  • Recognize and avoid dangerous situations and obstacles
  • Tips on time management
  • Researching schedules & locations to and from a specific location
  • Deal appropriately with strangers
  • Learn bus routes and find bus stops
  • Recognize the need for assistance and request help from appropriate sources

TLC’s mobility training program uses a series of gradual steps to build confidence and ensure independence, starting with assessment, side by side training, gradually pulling back on assistance as the client’s skills develop and finally client travels alone on a bus or train, and the instructor follows behind in a car or in an adjacent train. The client is aware that she or he is being followed by the instructor.  

*The average length of a mobility training session is 24 hours, though training time will vary according to the complexity of the travel route and the nature of the client’s need.
TLC’s qualified mobility instructors…
  • Have in-depth experience with using the public transposition system.
  • Ensure training is easy and comfortable.
  • Ride with you on the bus or trolley.
  • Work with your schedule.
  • Show you how to plan your bus and trolley routes.

Tell us your situation, and TLC will be happy to work with your needs.
What are the benefits of Mobility Training?
  • Clients don’t need to rely on friends, family and neighbors.
  • Freedom to go wherever and whenever they want.
  • Increased confidence and independence.
  • Less expensive than riding Lift, Uber and taxi.