Meet TLC's Staff

TLC’s staff are acquainted with the experience associated with providing IL services; We are professionals who are talented in our jobs, exhibit a strong work ethic, and constantly seek to improve our skills and the safety of our services.

TLC Social Services, LLC staff consist of individuals who can align themselves with the TLC Services vision and of the SDRC. Our staff operates by upholding all policies and procedures, to make sure the quality of service provided are never compromised.

TLC staff have an understanding of the following, but not limited to:

Lanterman Act, ADA, Title 17
Clients Rights   
Professional Boundaries
Company policies and procedures
Mandated Reporting/Special Incident Report
And more.
I possess eight plus years of experience as an Assistant Director of Programs & Services, Senior Supervisor and Independent Living Counselor. These positions have provided me the opportunity to build a strong track record of success in program leadership, service delivery, and community relations development. In addition to my well-honed interpersonal and communication skills, positive attitude and dedication, I have familiarity with services and established resources. My experience has allowed me to work with many adults and children from different ethnic backgrounds, providing assistance to individuals assigned to community service, as well as the elderly. My profession, has given me the opportunity to work with our client base, and it gives me pleasure to know I can provide much needed assistance to individuals who turn to the Regional Center for services. My career thus far has not only taught me valuable lessons about life, but has also reinforced my interest in making a difference in our community. Hence, TLC Social Services LLC was created. I am very comfortable having accountability for an organization and effective use of its resources.  I am confident in my ability to contribute positively, as a vendor for the San Diego Regional Center.

My positive attitude and dedication to both personal and professional growth are traits I held when I initially entered the field of social services; and also, being a military wife, with the same traits will remain an integral part of my work ethic for the present and beyond. Bilingual English/Spanish 

P.S. Mother and proud wife of retired Navy personnel. 
Leticia Slaughter
Executive Director
CELL: 619-869-3198
Email: [email protected]

John is an Independent Living Skills (ILS) Resource Counselor (RC) and Supervisor, with specialty with individuals on the Autistic Spectrum, as well as with their familes. John has professional and personal experience with Autism; providing an enhanced perspective on the condition, as well as treatment strategies to assist clients in optimizing independent living skills, and the overall quality of their lives. 

John, along with Program Director, formulate and implement the structure, vision and direction of TLC Social Services.

John has 25+ years in the mental health and social services field, working in crisis houses, outpatient clinics, and in intensive case management. 

John graduated from San Diego State University, with a B.A. in Social Services; and has completed two years of Graduate School coursework toward a Masters in Social Work.

John Klecker​​​​
ILS/RC Supervisor

CELL: 619-606-8782
Email: [email protected]
Karolyn is an Independent Living Skills (ILS) Resource Counselor (RC) and ILS Supervisor who works generally with Filipino clients with disabilities as well as their family. Karolyn provides training for clients in developing, maintaining and improving their community living skills. Karolyn identifies needed areas of development such as communication, self-care or interpersonal skills.

Karolyn worked as a Public Service Staff at the City Government of Olongapo in the Philippines for 9 years where she honed her skills in providing excellent customer service and effective interpersonal communications.

Bilingual English and Tagalog 

Graduated as Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 1st Honorable Mention

AB 1432 – California School Personnel and Standard - CPR / AED (Adult / Child / Infant)Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certified.

Karolyn Lacanilao
Resource Counselor/ ILS / Supervisor

CELL: 619-653-5998
Email: [email protected]
     Monday - Friday
Jerla graduated as bachelor’s Degree major in English. A Service Scholar. She speaks English, Tagalog and Spanish. Had previous experienced as Library Student Assistant for 3 years. Where she analyzes clients' requests to determine needed information and assist in furnishing or locating that information. 

She also worked as a Computer Data Encoder for 2 years, Secretary for 1 year.  Where she operates computers to produce a variety of documents, charts, and graphs in final form. Compiles and maintains records, statistical information, and reports. 

Also worked as a Franchise Manager Assistant/Field Sales Clerk for 1 year in the Philippines, and Front-End Cashier/ Customer Service Department for nearly 5 years at local Supermarket Chula Vista, California. Her working experiences helped her increase her customer service skills.

AB 1432 – California School Personnel and Standard - CPR / AED (Adult / Child / Infant)Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certified.

Jerla Lou Wood
ILS /Resource Counselor /
Trainng Coordinator

CELL: 619-512-6658
Email: [email protected]
     Monday - Friday
Nenita was a Registered Staff Nurse at Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Cardiac Care Unit and Adult-Intensive Care Unit and General Ward/Medical Ward/Adult-Intensive Care Unit for 7 years, where she ensures the personal comfort of patient, families and staff and participates in the development of patient care standards specific to the institute.

Nenita was also a Registered Nurse in the Philippines for 3 years where she maintains good relationships with the colleagues and other hospital personnel and assesses plans, organize and implements direct comprehensive care to varying degrees of illness. Develops a written plan of care that includes discharge planning.

She also worked as a Customer Service Provider and Front End Cashier at a local Supermarket in Chula Vista for 3 years. Speaks English and Tagalog.
AB 1432 – California School Personnel and Standard - CPR / AED (Adult / Child / Infant)Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certified.

Nenita Carabeo
ILS Provider/Resource Counselor 

CELL: 619-962-0771
Email: [email protected]
     Monday - Friday
Carla is bilingual (Tagalog/English) and has good communication skills. Her positive attitude made her likeable and easy to get along with.

Carla's working experiences are the following; Local Footwear Store where she serves consumers’ needs in store and online, Montgomery High School where she assists children develop their interpersonal skills, and County of San Diego as assessor/recorder/county clerk/auditor and controller-accounts payable. She also volunteered as sports advocate and part of the Lady Aztecs Basketball Team and Little League Basketball Coach. Carla also taught younger peers with different learning skills in a group.

With Carla's personal experiences, skills, and exceptional customer service suits her well in the position as ILS Provider and Resource Counselor at TLCSS team. 

Standard - CPR / AED (Adult / Child / Infant)Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certified.


Carla Mae Racelis​​
ILS Provider/Resource Counselor

CELL: 619-246-6005
Email: [email protected]
     Monday - Friday
Cynthia is a graduate Pharmacist in the Philippines. She worked as a Caregiver where she took care of an elderly with Dementia and Alzheimer's. She helps prepare food for the client, gave hygiene assistance as needed, reminds the client to take their medication.  She also assists client's to and from restroom if needed as well as help them with laundry and cleaning their home.

Cynthia is bilingual (Tagalog / English).

She is skillful when it comes to using tools and devises for ambulatory patients like Gait Belt and Hoyer Lift. She is also a certified in Standard - CPR / AED (Adult / Child / Infant) Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Cynthia Charfauros​​
ILS Provider/Resource Counselor

CELL: 619-259-3330
Email: [email protected]
     Monday - Friday

Norma Flores
ILS Provider/Resource Counselor

CELL: 619-306-5104
Email: [email protected]
     Monday - Friday

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